Our SHSM program not only focuses on the automotive service sector but also vehicle restoration, automotive design, engineering and manufacturing. These areas provide students with an opportunity to enter the industry in many different fields and give them a competitive advantage because of the opportunities earned while enrolled in this program. Currently, transportation students can expect to take part in: service and restoration; environmental safety and disposal; WHMIS and customer service training; and, project-based assignments which allow for training using the latest diagnostic software repair such as ProDemand and use of Snap On scanner with other diagnostic aids. Enrolling in an SHSM helps to provide additional learning opportunities in: 

  • Computer and PCM flash reprogramming and coding to develop automation systems for vehicle scale prototypes 
  • Vehicle and robot design using the latest CAM/CAD and software build components 
  • Service and learn about hybrid and electric vehicle safety and operation 
  • Additional health and safety training. such as SFA/CPR.

See Mr. Morley ([email protected]) or guidance for more information.