The Canadian and World Studies Department offers a range of compulsory and optional courses. We aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of our country and the world.



Courses in the Canadian & World Studies department include: History, Geography, Law, Politics, and Civics. 


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Canadian & World Studies Award Certificate

To recognize student achievement in Canadian & World Studies courses, the department will be awarding Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum certificates at the end of grade 12. These certificates of achievement can enhance a student’s university or college supplemental application (if and lend significant value to a resume. In order to qualify for a certificate, students must achieve at least the provincial standard (75%) in all of the Canadian & World Studies courses taken. These courses can include a combination of the following subjects: History, Geography, Law, and Politics. In order to qualify for a particular certificate, students must take the following number of courses: Bronze – 4 courses, Silver – 5 courses, Gold – 6 courses, Platinum – 7 or more courses.

On this page you will find information about the following courses: 1) Grade 10 Canadian History (academic) 2) Grade 11 American History 3) Grade 12 World History