Learning to set goals and plan for the future is an essential activity and a requirement for all students in grades 7-12.  In order to support education and career/life planning students investigate various aspects of themselves as they relate to their current learning and future planning by addressing several key questions. 

myBlueprint education planner is a tool all students can use to plan for their futures.  The tool is also available to parents. Visit the website, create an account, and link with your teen for secondary and post-secondary planning. 

Other Career Planning Resources

  • JobsPeopleDo.com- Check with the guidance department for Username and Password information to use the site at home
    • Targeted toward Grades 7 – 12 students in Canada
    • Comprehensive databank of Canadian jobs and careers
    • Over 500 job videos allowing students an inside look at many different occupations
    • Overview of recommended courses and the approximate salary you can expect in that job
    • Career Quizzes that match your skills and knowledge to potential jobs or industries
    • Canadian "Skills needs"- a geographical highlight of jobs in specific regions
  • Ontario Prospects:Ontario's Guide to Career Planning
  • Ontario Skills Passport
  • Passport to Prosperity- supporting employers who provide a school-work experience
  • Information for Studentsfrom the Ministry of Education
  • Live Safe! Work Smart!- health and safety resources
  • Tip Sheets for Workplace Safety- for students, employers, supervisors and parents