Global Perspectives

A fully integrated, 5 credit program focusing on international studies. Available to students in grade 11. 
Global Brochure            Global Application 2024-2025.doc

Integrated Arts

A 2 credit integrated arts program allowing students to explore connections between visual arts and leadership.
Integrated Visual Arts and Leadership Info and Application 2024

Music Theatre Production

A 2 credit package that culminates in a musical theatre production.


Students complete grade 9 geography and science in an integrated cohort. 

High Performance Athlete Co-op

A 2 credit package  tailored to meet the learning needs of students who are committed to focusing on their long-term career objectives while accommodating competitive training needs.

Comprehensive Biochemistry

The biochemistry program offers students a unique opportunity to integrate Biology and Chemistry into a double period in order to take advantage of the inherent connections between the two courses.

Aquatics for Work

A 2 credit package allowing students to earn credits
while also receiving certification in Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, CPR, First Aid and National Lifeguard Service.

Outdoor Leadership

A 2 credit package designed to offer students the opportunity to experience various activities and organized learning in a natural outdoor setting.


Students can take yearbook in grade 10, 11 AND 12. Student grade and previous experience will help determine the grade of the credit being earned. This 2 credit package will teach the skills of journalism, photography both traditional and digital, layout and design, business operations and computer literacy and multimedia software applications.