Global Perspectives

A fully integrated, 5 credit program focusing on international studies. Available to students in grade 11. Global Brochure Global Application Form 2022.doc

Integrated Arts

A 2 credit integrated arts program allowing students to explore connections between visual arts and leadership

Music Theatre Production

A 2 credit package that culminates in a musical theatre production.


Students complete grade 9 geography and science in an integrated cohort. 

High Performance Athlete Co-op

A 2 credit package  tailored to meet the learning needs of students who are committed to focusing on their long-term career objectives while accommodating competitive training needs.

Comprehensive Biochemistry

The biochemistry program offers students a unique opportunity to integrate Biology and Chemistry into a double period in order to take advantage of the inherent connections between the two courses.

Aquatics for Work

A 2 credit package allowing students to earn credits
while also receiving certification in Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, CPR, First Aid and National Lifeguard Service.

Outdoor Education

A 2 credit package designed to offer students the opportunity to experience various activities and organized learning in a natural outdoor setting.


Students can take yearbook in grade 10, 11 AND 12. Student grade and previous experience will help determine the grade of the credit being earned. This 2 credit package will teach the skills of journalism, photography both traditional and digital, layout and design, business operations and computer literacy and multimedia software applications. 

Manufacturing and Custom Woodwoorking

Two credit packages in both manufacturing and custom woodworking fields. Students will spend full half days in the shop, allowing for deeper exploration and skill development.