Global Perspectives is a fully integrated, five-credit program that focuses on international studies. This unique learning experience will be offered in the second semester only and represents the student's entire course load for that semester. Through a partnership with the City of Barrie's Youth Ambassador Program, students accompanied by two of their teachers, will travel to Europe for a one-month intensive study of international affairs in an international environment. Additionally, students will explore a third world opportunity by studying in a Latin American/Caribbean country for two weeks. There is a cost associated with this program (airfare) but those students in financial need can expect assistance from community/corporate sponsors. This is a limited enrolment program and students selecting this option will be required to submit an application and participate in a selection process. This package includes four grade eleven courses and one Grade 12 course. 


Prerequisite: ENG2D

NBE3U1: English: English: Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, And Inuit Voices (Meets Grade 11 Ministry Requirement For English)

CPC3O1: Politics In Action: Making Change (See description below)
AMU3M1: Music (See description below)
HRT3M1: World Religions and Belief Traditions. Perspectives, Issues and Challenges. (See description below)
CGW4U1: Canadian and World Issues. (See description under Canadian and World Issues)


AMU3M1: Music, Grade 11, University/College
This course provides students with opportunities to develop their musical literacy through the creation, appreciation, analysis, and performance of music, including traditional, commercial and art music. Students will apply the creative process when performing appropriate technical exercises and repertoire and will employ the critical analysis processes when reflecting on, responding to, and analyzing live and recorded performances. Students will consider the function of music in society and the impact of music on individuals and communities. They will explore how to apply skills developed in music to their life and careers.

CPC3O1: Politics in Action: Making Change, Grade 11, Open
This course enables students to develop plans for change in the local, national, and/or global community. Students will explore various issues, investigating their causes as well as their impact, and determining where change is needed, and why. They will examine the effectiveness of various problem-solving strategies used by individuals and groups that have brought about and/or are attempting to bring about political change in democratic societies. In addition, students will analyze the role and perspectives of governments and other stakeholders in relation to issues of political importance and will consider factors affecting their own and others’ political engagement. Students will apply the concepts of political thinking and the political inquiry process as they investigate various issues of political importance and develop a plan of action to address a selected issue. Prerequisite: Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10, Academic or Applied, or a locally developed compulsory course (LDCC).

HRT3M1: World Religions and Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues and Challenges, Grade 11, University/College
This course provides students with opportunities to explore various world religions and belief traditions. Students will develop knowledge of the terms and concepts relevant to this area of study, will examine the ways in which religions and belief traditions meet various human needs, and will learn about the relationship between belief and action. They will examine sacred writings and teachings, consider how concepts of time and place influence different religions and belief traditions, and develop research and inquiry skills related to the study of human expressions of believe.
Prerequisite: None 


Students choosing GLOBAL (Block4C) are NOT to select any of these courses separately on their option sheet for grade eleven. For more information read through the Global Perspectives Brochure and then complete and hand in the Global Application Form.