Working together to keep our schools safe

The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. We have a number of procedures in place designed to keep our school safe.

Shelter in place
Shelter in place is used when there is an environmental or weather-related situation, like a chemical spill outside the building, or a major storm. During a shelter in place, activities will continue inside the school, but students and staff will not be allowed to leave the building. In some cases, the ventilation system may be shut off.

Hold and secure
A hold and secure is initiated when there is a situation taking place in the community that is not related to the school, like a bank robbery nearby. A hold and secure is usually initiated by police. During a hold and secure, activities continue inside the building, but all doors are locked and no one is allowed to enter or exit the school. 

A lockdown is used when there is a major incident or a threat of violence related to the school. A lockdown can be initiated by police or by school staff. During a lockdown, students and staff will move to secure areas, away from doors and windows. Doors are locked, lights are shut off and blinds are drawn. Students and staff will remain absolutely quiet. 

We practice lockdown drills at least two times per year. In the unlikely event of an actual lockdown situation, police ask that parents do not go to the school. Information will be communicated through the school board social media sites ( and and website (, through local police and local media.

Fire drills and evacuation plans
All schools have evacuation plans, which include a designated evacuation site. We practice our evacuation plan throughout the year during regular fire drills.

at the office
All visitors are required to sign-in at the school office and wear visitor identification. Even regular visitors, like school volunteers, must sign in.

Criminal record checks for staff and volunteers
All staff and volunteers are required to complete a criminal record check before having contact with students. 

First aid equipment
All Simcoe County District School Board schools are equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Police partnership
We have a great relationship with our local police. Our School Resource Officer is an important part of our school team. Our School Resource Officer helps us with our proactive approach to school safety by presenting at assemblies, working with classes and groups of students, being available to answer questions and provide guidance, and acting as a liaison with our local police if an issue comes up. 

Code of conduct

Our school follows the Simcoe County District School Board’s (SCDSB) code of conduct, which outlines expected standards of behaviour and student discipline procedures. It applies to every member of the school community, and outlines the roles and responsibilities for each group. 

Our commitment
It’s important for you to know that we’ll always take whatever precautions are necessary to keep our school and students safe. We are committed to our students' safety, well-being and success.

If you have any questions about safety procedures, as always, please contact the office.